You’ve always wanted to be a winemaker and grow your own grapes? How about becoming a winemaker for a year?

Choose from our 5 grape varieties, adopt an Organic Vine and join the Caiaffa family for a winemaking journey. Follow every step of the cycle of the vine from bud burst to harvest and in the cellar, to really discover what’s behind a bottle of wine.

Winemaking is a lengthy, complex and, at times, challenging process, but when the hard work and determination that goes into it pays off, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Adopting a vine is the best way of staying in touch with nature and with Caiaffa Vini Biologici. We respect nature and believe in keeping the balance in our ecosystem by not using any pesticides or chemicals in our vineyards and in the winemaking process. The opportunity to engage with the adopted vine at different stages of its development gives recipients an appreciation for the sheer breadth of work that goes into the production of every single bottle.

Join us virtually or treat yourself to an active role in this amazing journey !

Our adoption packages are also the ideal gift for a wine lover !

Buy a vine adoption package for a friend, family member or colleague and make them part of something special.

The cost of the adoption package is €350,00 and includes:

– Choose your favourite grape varietyand the vine you wish to adopt

Welcome gift pack with gadgets

Personalised certificate of adoption valid for 1 year

– A plaque with your chosen name placed upon your adopted vine.

Wine Experience day at Caiaffa Winery, with wine tasting and vineyard tour.

– You’re welcome to join us during harvest or throughout the year for a vineyard experience day

24 bottles of your preferred wine + 1 Magnum

Newsletter and exclusive access to videos and photos to follow the evolution of your vintage remotely.

So what are you waiting for? Become a winemaker for a year and join us in this amazing journey !

To purchase the package or for further information, please contact us via email at: