The place where tradition and innovation come together.

Grape variety, soil, and the hand of man: these are the three agents of philosophy “everything holds together”, which is also the sense of the wine as a living and sensitive matter, a matter which, like the man, is always in constant – and natural! – Transformation. That’s why the cellar is the place where tradition and innovation come together, with the use of traditional practices, such as long macerations, the use of native yeasts, and very little sulfur, supported by a contemporary technology as the nitrogen plant, which preserves the musts from the action of oxygen, the vacuum press, and, the low temperatures applied everywhere – especially – in the process of maceration. Here’s the meeting point between the rules of the past and the practices of the present: what’s next? The future: the only possible future, however, not only for agriculture but, in hindsight, for the whole mankind.


Synergistic wine, the juice of our grapes and the love of the Caiaffa family.

The wine is simply the juice of the grapes, which are, in turn, the result  of features that come from the identity of the vine, from the soil, and from the sensitivity of the hand that cultivates them, and that continues – always synergistically – in the cellar where technology is a natural continuation of ancient practices.