Caiaffa wines: where nature keeps the balance.

The teeming work of insects, while buzzing, squeaking and screeching in the vineyards make the landscape alive and for us, it’s an open air life experience.

It’s the theater of nature that imposes its knowledge and respect of its rules in a unique way. And since nature is the place where everything is kept in balance, a natural condition such as imbalance, only exists if functional to the balance, and entropy to order, in such a composite design of interactions between systems – and ecosystems – to ensure that any alteration, even if the smallest, it then reflexes on everything.

It is the rule of this theater, which is well summarized in a figure of speech called “synecdoche” that precisely identifies the part with the whole, the micro with the macro, the infinitely small with the infinitely large, and vice versa.

This is also the principle of synergistic agriculture, a philosophy that has been emulated in the wine world, and that the Caiaffa family, among other things, strongly believes in. Its principles? To Embrace a new – which is really a very ancient – way of thinking about nature as the single largest contributor: the environment which surrounds the vineyard, if well known and interpreted, contributes to the cause of those who cultivate it, just as some insects which, by their nature, drive out others, whom,  however, would be harmful. That’s why, here, the use of insecticides and pesticides has been banned, but rather flora and fauna have been left to thrive spontaneously, willingly avoiding  all conventionally used chemical products.